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My name is Andrew Hills
I'm a creative.
What's a Creative?

Good Question

Describing myself as a CREATIVE may seem a little vague, but it isn't easy to put me in a box.

Calling me a 'designer' doesn't really describe what I do, because I do a lot more than produce graphic communication. I create user experiences and develop service designs and interfaces to support them, craft brand identities and guidelines, write copy and art direct advertising, originate illustrations, produce presentations and animate interactive communication ... and I'm also something of an artist.

In addition to developing ideas from concept to production, I manage projects and teams, providing communication strategies and campaign planning. I'm an exponent of Agile Principles for designing and developing customer focused user experiences, with a preference for management product development utilising the iterative approach of Scrum methodology.

Fundamentally, I'm passionate about what I do; tenaciously investigating requirements, testing concepts and engaging with stakeholders, to ensure that a project delivers suitable and successful products that satisfy the scope and exceed the expectations of the end customer.

Whatever the problem, if you need solutions to a creative challenge, I'm your man.


There aren't many things I can't do. This should give you a good idea of what I do best.

Digital Design

We are connected by worldwide digital communication; computers, tablets and smart-phones.
Digital design and the web are vital to the success and growth of your business.


Your brand's job is delivering a single clear message that is understood, shared and remembered.
You only get one chance at a first impression, so we have to get it right.

Print Design

Print reaches the senses that digital cannot, creating a tactile bond with a permanent object.
If your designs inspire and impress, they will be treasured and displayed.


Old adages are repeated simply because they're true, "a picture is worth a thousand words".
Replace wordy text with bespoke graphic punch and reinforce your key message.

My Work

Here are some recent samples from my portfolio.

CADLOW Enclosures

Website Design & Marketing


Branding & Website Design

Sony Europe

SONY Europe

Website Design & Training Portals

Appreciating Classics

Appreciating Classics

Branding & Website Design



Print Design



Branding & Website Design

My Experience

I’ve been earning my keep as a creative for over seventeen years.

  • Wycombe Town Hall

    1997 – 1998

    Graphics Coordinator

    Wycombe District Council

    My first foray into graphic design, working in a support role for the PR and Planning departments, producing presentations, reports and newsletters.

  • Soho Square

    1998 – 1999

    Freelance Graphic Designer

    Central London

    Freelancing as a designer and artworker for advertising agencies, design agencies and some corporate firms.

  • Marakon

    1999 – 2000

    Graphic Designer

    Marakon Associates

    Working in-house at the London offices of this global management consultancy; producing reports, presentations, marketing and recruitment materials.

  • West Herts College

    2000 – 2001

    PDip Art Direction & Copywriting

    West Herts College (Watford)

    Back to school, to study the art of advertising on the country's premier post graduate course.

  • City of London

    2001 – 2007

    Freelance Creative

    Central London

    Creative placements with advertising and design agencies, such as; Mother, Saatchi & Saatchi, WTCS, GA Design and Finex.
    Long term corporate placements with Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and Mercer.
    Developed a portfolio of private clients in the City, predominantly AIM listed natural resources companies and their advisers.

  • Beach Huts at Southwold

    2007 – 2015

    Freelance Creative


    Consultant to Sony Europe; developing corporate user experiences and interfaces.
    Communications Officer for Frontier Mining Ltd; designing and developing the company website, producing investor presentations, company reports and providing investor relations support.
    Established a local client-base of small businesses and continue to work with larger London-based multinational clients; most recently designing and developing new report templates across nine brands for a luxury hotel group.

  • Lloyds Banking Group

    2015 – 2016

    Creative & Communications Lead

    Lloyds Banking Group

    A senior role on the Customer Journey Transformation Programme, I provided creative expertise for the development of a new digital onboarding 'journey' for Commercial Banking.
    The programme was designed to deliver radically streamlined processes and market leading customer experiences, developed using Agile Principles and implemented with the iterative sprint cycles of Scrum.
    My tenure as a direct-hire contractor finished when the project moved into the delivery phase, following roll-out of the service plan and the third release of code from pilot testing onto the live LBG estate.

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About Me

A little window on the person behind the work.


Yours Truly

Creative, Dad, Spider Remover ...

Senior Management with The Boys

The Mrs

Senior Management

Junior Management

Princess Elsa

Junior Management


The Project

... much anticipated by all.

I live in a little old cottage in Redgrave, a rural village in Suffolk, with my lovely wife Emma, our beautiful daughter Poppy (aged 4) and our ferocious guard beasts Buster and Charlie. It’s really important to me to achieve a good work-life balance, so I can spend more time being a Dad.

As you know I like to create, so enjoy building and fixing things, anything that allows me to work with my hands. I usually have a few projects on the go; I'm currently transforming a heap of scrap timber into a two storey treehouse for my daughter and sculpting a radiator mascot to be cast and chromed for a vintage car.

I'm a big fan of outdoor pursuits; long country walks, cycling, camping, off‑roading, sailing and motorcycles — although the latter seemed to have dropped from my to‑do list since becoming a husband and parent. I’ve inherited my father’s passion for vintage cars, although I’m also partial to classic sports cars and Land Rovers..
I started playing squash last year, recently purchased a kayak to dip back into watersports and I try to squeeze in a bit of painting when I have the opportunity.

I was FORTY in 2015 ... ( how did that happen ... ? ! ).

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